Double Cleansing

Let’s talk about double cleansing shall we? If you wear makeup regularly, you are probably already doing this, but do you know why it’s so important? And no, it’s not to get you to buy yet another cleanser or add another  step to your already extensive routine. The first step to radiant, glowing skin is performing a good cleanse.

Double cleansing is the optimal way to cleanse your skin at night. It is a simple process of using an oil based cleanser first to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and pollution followed by a second cleanser that is targeted to treat your specific skin type or concern. This ensures that you have the perfect canvas for the rest of your products every time. After all, if your skin isn’t completely prepped then your serums, eye creams and moisturizers aren’t penetrating into the skin effectively.  This is arguably even more important at night since that is when you will be applying your more aggressive skincare -aka your AHA’s and retinol.

Oil cleansers are amazing to remove makeup, even waterproof, stubborn makeup, and will keep your skin nourished and never leave you feeling tight and dry. Oil is attracted to and breaks down oil so it helps to prevent pores from clogging which in return reduces breakouts making it safe for all skin types.

Double cleansing has been a hot skin topic over the past few years because… well… IT WORKS! So if you are not doing this give it a try!! And thank me later. Once you start I guarantee you will not go back to single cleansing. Except for in the mornings. Double cleansing is only necessary in the evening. Single cleansing is fine for the mornings as you should have slept with a perfectly cleansed, toned, hydrated face.