Find Your Truth

Ahh Full Moon we meet again.  A time for releasing, slowing down, and connecting back to our intentions set during the past new moon.

Have you ever noticed how everything somehow feels more intense than usual during a full moon? That’s because nothing that happens during this time is coincidence.¬†¬†Everything is rising to the surface shining the TRUTH.

The sun and moon emanate such a powerful frequency and, in turn, make us feel more connected than ever to our intuition.

The Super Full Flower Moon in Scorpio wants us to shed the old so we may embrace our desires.  You may be feeling extra passionate about a project or feeling like you are doing a full 180 from you current path, but you have no idea how to keep that momentum going. I am here to tell you that’s ok.  Be patient.

Because Mercury and Neptune are connected with this Super Full Moon, you may also be craving deeper connections in your relationships and fantasizing a little more about living the life of your dreams.  Think of this Super Full Moon as your sexual spring awakening.  And no, it doesn’t have to mean in the physical sense.

Scorpio is ruled by the third chakra (solar plexus chakra) which is situated right above the navel and this is where you derive your lust for power and ability from.

It is time to connect to your passion.  What turns you on!  But in order to use this powerful driving force, you must connect to your own darkness.  I know, it doesn’t sound fun, but it is oh so necessary.

Scorpio is a representation of the unavoidable bits of darkness that exist in everyone’s life. It’s everything buried beneath the surface, and in the darkest corners of our psyche. What is happening in your life right now?¬†¬†Are you wanting to crawl out of your skin?¬†¬†Yell your truth at the top of a mountain for the universe to hear?¬†¬†All things related to this belongs to Scorpio.

While this may all sound terrifying, this is a transitory season.  It reminds us to surrender to our shadow, because this is exactly where your power lies!

So first things first, confront your fears, both conscious and unconscious.  Remember, we are like the moon, ever-evolving and transforming.

Both light and dark reside in all of us and Scorpio is right here to introduce you to them.

Then, and only then, will you feel this sense of release and coming anew.