Ritual vs. Routine SKincare


Having a ritual around our skincare routine is something we know we should do, but don’t.  Why?  We’re too busy.  Sound familiar?  Rituals may be new to Western culture, but other cultures have been creating rituals around everything they do for thousands of years.

In Ancient Egypt, women would prep their skin before applying their extensive makeup routine. They soaked in milk baths and exfoliated with dead sea salts. In the Ayurvedic traditions that stem from India, massaging oneself with fragrant and calming oils or beautifying the body were ways of honoring the physical and energetic self. Our ancestors taught us how to honor ourself, but we have slowly strayed from this. Our busy lifestyles have left us with little downtime for self-care.  But as the skincare industry begins to adopt wellness and holistic approaches to beauty, the concept of (re)turning routine into ritual creates a need to come back home.  We are becoming more aware that how/what we eat, how we live, and how we feel all have an impact on how we look.  



A skincare ritual allows you to take your routine one step further.

We know we need to wash our face and moisturize, but we often lose sight of the ‘why’ behind it. You connect to your ‘why’ by understanding your own skin, what it needs/craves and how its changes as we age and the season we are in. Caring for your skin because of how it feels rather than slapping on your night cream just because you know you need it is the first step in transitioning between skincare and wellness.

Having a ritual brings you back to the Self in service. Our skincare routine becomes a ritual when we add embodiment, breath, humility and respect to the process.  We can enhance the power and potency of what we use on our skin by slowing down, becoming more aware, and honoring the intelligence and medicine of the ingredients, the formulation in the cosmetic chemistry, and the way we apply our skincare.



A way to deeply impact our skincare routine is through intention and mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of conscious awareness and acceptance. This is acceptance of your thoughts, sensations, emotions, and environment, with compassion and without judgment. Awareness and acceptance, in general, come with additional benefits such as stress reduction, better memory, better focus, better ability to control emotions, and satisfaction with relationships.

Together, this all points to a healthier you, and wellness is reflected in your complexion.  Investing in wellness as it relates to skin care can contribute to a balanced system reflected in the skin. Beauty is the peace that underlies all chaos.

Being intentional with your skincare will give you more than just good looking skin.  Skincare and application of your skincare is a time for YOU.  Being fully present by connecting to the scents and textures of the products you use allows you to find balance, relax the mind and have the upmost appreciation for yourself.



There’s no need to create this elaborate plan around your skincare ritual.  All you have to do is adjust the way you approach, think about, and practice your skincare in a way that honors your body, mind, and soul.

The only necessary piece of the puzzle to turn routine into ritual is thought, intention, or mindfulness. Rather than going through the motions, bring awareness into the products you use, where you put them, what their purpose is, etc.

Honor what your skin and soul needs. We are all so divinely unique and there are a plethora of products and rituals to choose from. Connect to what inspires you, keeping it simple and remain open to creativity.

There are a few things you can do to shift into this mindset. First, stop and take the time to consider how your skin is actually feeling. Is your skin craving more moisture, exfoliation, purification, etc? We tend to go through the motions without considering how we feel, how does our skin feel, how is our skin looking.

Once we shift into this wellness mindset, we can then incorporate products that specifically treat our skin concerns.

Only from a mindful place can we start thinking about application of the product, how it feels on the skin, how your skin is responding, why your skin is feeling a certain way, how great your skin looks, etc. You being your wellness journey by slowing down, enjoying the process and enjoying taking time for yourself.



The great thing about skincare rituals is that you can customize it to your specific wants and needs.  Focus on your intention and mindfulness practice.  Remember, mindfulness will take time to develop, so be patient and honor yourself as it’s the first step from moving from routine to ritual.