Girl, Wash your face

You get home from work, you’re tired, and all you want to do is go to bed.  You justify not washing your face because you didn’t wear that much makeup that day.  You wake up with concealer in the creases of your skin along with mascara halfway down your face.  Sound familiar?  Not washing your face may seem like nothing at that moment, but not washing your face can have negative effects on your skin.

Washing your face and investing in a high quality cleanser is a crucial part of having healthy skin. Especially if you are wanting that effortlessly, radiant glowing skin. Cleansing is the first and MOST important part of your skin care routine. It removes makeup, dirt, oil and environmental pollutants WHILE also prepping your skin to absorb your additional skincare products. Why spend money on expensive creams and other products if they are not penetrating to where you need them to go because your cleanser isn’t doing it’s job? Cleansing allows your serums and creams to have the perfect canvas to be able to penetrate into the skin giving you radiant, glowing, healthy skin.

Easy Cleansing Tips:

         – Massaging cleanser into skin for one whole minute

          – Cleanse near your hairline, around your nose, jawline, neck and chest

         –  Use a cleanser made for your specific skin type or skin concern.

         – Double cleanse with an oil cleanser first  in the PM (this will ‘melt’ your makeup off)

And now on to another controversial topic: Makeup Removing Wipes. I hate to break it you you, but they are not cleansing! All you are doing is moving the makeup around on your face. If you love them to remove makeup, then invest in an oil cleanser instead, you will not be sorry!

Also, If you use a toner with a cotton pad and notice additional makeup coming off, go back and cleanse again. You should have nothing left on your skin before your next skincare step.

A thorough cleansing routine will transform your skin and allow your naturally radiant, goddess glowing skin come though. Goddess, wash your face.