Organic Hemp Cotton Rounds

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Protect our environment by eliminating disposable cotton balls from your life. These zero waste, reusable facial rounds are made from two layers of 100% Organic Hemp Cotton- a sustainable, eco-friendly, super soft alternative. Great for any skin type and perfect for removing makeup and applying toner. Each pad is approximately 3″ diameter.

Every Devi Beauty Organic Reusable Hemp Cotton Rounds Set contains 16 pads + mesh laundry bag.


How to Use

1) Soak your 100% Cotton Round in makeup remover.

2) Sweep it gently across your face without tugging at your skin.

*When removing eye makeup, sweep the cotton round gently across your lids and lashes, from the inner corner of your eye towards your temple to avoid pulling the delicate skin around your eyes (use a clean round for each eye).

3) Use a fresh round to apply any toner for gentle exfoliation.

Care for your skin – clean for the planet!

Care Instructions

Place your pads in mesh laundry bag provided and wash them in the washing machine with light colored clothes on a warm wash with a gentle detergent. Allow pads to dry naturally. Do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing your pads.


100% Organic Hemp Cotton

1 review for Organic Hemp Cotton Rounds

  1. Katie

    I’ve been swapping out products for eco-friendly alternatives and love these reusable/washable hemp cotton rounds! You can use these to apply skincare products, remove makeup, anything you’d normally use cotton rounds for! They come with a mesh bag which is convenient on laundry day!

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